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AT72 Academy is a non-profit aeronautical education site focused on sharing knowledge about the ATR 72-600. Here, we are willing to share high quality content to whom may be needing to deepen their comprehension about this aircraft, being them pilots, students or even aviation enthusiasts.


We expect to be an online study center for the ATR 72-600, basing the content development on the continuous exchange of experiences that is proportioned by the aviation community.


Serving others

Aviation is a broad industry, but it is also a small community. During the flights, layovers and connections, one is able to learn that serving others is one of the main basis of the sector. In aviation, we don’t do anything alone. Similarly, AT72 Academy does not intend to be a top-down knowledge platform, but a learning center inserted in the community and having sharing as one of its main focuses.


As more we learn, as more we discover that we don’t know. AT72 Academy is not exempted of errors. If you see any error in our content, please feel free to contribute through the contact form. Our intention is not to teach in a traditional way, but to share what we need to know to have safe flights and good checkride tests.


The information exchange in this platform is intended to be from pilot to pilot, giving credit to experience and theory equally.


Learning requires a lot of dedication and time spent. Studying and improving skills are never a loss of time. Here, we value persistence. If a piece of knowledge is not solidified, keep trying. With diligence we get there.

AT72 Academy


Information contained on this platform has its use limited to training and must not be used for flight. AT72 Academy is not connected to any aircraft manufacturer.

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